A Day of Shopping in Tuxtla-Gutierrez

Oh Boy I’m in Mexico I woke up this morning feeling like I’d better get organized. Opened my eyes, felt like my ordinary, rickety self. bloom. I found a summer dress and tight… Continue reading

A Little Taste of Chiapa de Corzo

Travel Essay: The Strange American

I’m not your every day, average American Suzie, you know, with the stereotypical blond hair, blue eyes and money to burn. Meet, me. I’m an adopted Filipino-American. And I didn’t really come to… Continue reading


Just breathe.

Helpful Links for the Streets of Mexico

Tasks Before the Flight

Trying to get both suitcases to weigh under 50 pounds. Cleaned out van. Stuffed my things in my closet at my parent’s house in Phoenix. Turned cell back on. Eating Cheetos as a… Continue reading

Preparations for Mexico

I’m making preparations to travel to Chiapas, Mexico for Feb. 5th. Here’s a sneak peek of a pile of handy books I’m studying right now! Starting from the bottom up -I’m reading about… Continue reading

The Tentative Plan

Okay. So here’s the scoop. I blindly signed up for TEFL International with Dunham Institute to earn a 4-week TEFL certificate in Chiapas, Mexico because I needed a drastic change in my life.… Continue reading