Saying a Good-Bye to the Beaches of Mexico

Street of Muzunte

Well, I’m back here in this colonial again of Chiapa de Corzo.  The markets haven’t changed since I left two weeks earlier on my backpacking trip to Zipolite Beach in Oaxaca, where I visited Puerto Angel and Muzante as well, all beautiful places by the way.

I lived on the beaches for as long as I could manage on that beach until basically every body part had been bitten by the mosquitoes  and I realized that I wanted to do more with my life than be a beach bum eating out and drinking beer all the time. Although life is fun on the beaches of Mexico, with nice restaurants, friendly locals and you’ll meet inspiring travelers, it’s very easy to lose track of time and spend weeks here.

Zipololite Beach and Muzunte were by far my favorite beach towns in Mexico. I liked how Zipolite Beach had a lot of

A Welcome sign

travelers and tourists of all over, which meant for me -English speakers.! And Muzunte was its own quite, paradise where you can relax all day. The sand on Muzunte is warm and white under your feet. The tides aren’t as strong as Zipolite’s beach either.  It was a difficult decision to leave the beach but I wanted to get back to Chiapa de Corzo. I have to decide basically, if I want to take an English teaching position or go back to the U.S. to finally try at getting a real job in publishing, something I’ve always wanted to do, but hadn’t had the guts to truly jump into.

After my leap to Mexico, I think I’d be willing to try again.