Hotel Review

Posada Los Faroles hotel

Posada Los Farales is situated at a perfect kiddy-corner to the Center Plaza of Chiapa de Corzo and the Grajalva River. This is the perfect hotel for tourists who are interested in exploring a river-boat tour of the majestic Canyon “El Sumidero” or the popular “Pila,” a fountain built by the Spanish in the 16th century.

Chiapa de Corzo is a little colonial town alive with personality, outside markets, beautiful churches and speckled cultural sites. There aren’t too many hotels and these hotels are mainly located around the Center Plaza. Some hotels get pricey for Mexico, around $45 to $50 USD equivalent a night. These places are suitable for those that want quality rooms without having to worry about amenities and funky dirt.

The lowest I’ve found is $18 USD equivalent where the hotel was low-end, down-graded, with basic furniture, chewed up and soiled beds, grimy bathrooms, and the list goes on. But there’s a nice cozy middle I’ve found called Posada Los Farales. The hotel is run by a kind Mexican family and it’s clean. That was the first thing that made my heart sing hallelujah. The floor glistens from being so well polished.

Open Center of Hotel

The hotel room is basic with a clean, comfortable bed, two pillows, a desk, and a television screen on the wall. My bedspread was brown with gold silk patches, and flowers stitched on the top. The pillows didn’t have bugs which was nice. There were plenty of outlets and the room had free Internet too.

The bathroom is basic and gloriously clean too. I was excited to see a toilet with a toilet seat, all shiny and smelling like cleaning liquid. There’s a garbage and you are handed complimentary toilet paper and a soap bar that you can lovingly place right in your bathroom if you’d like. There is also complimentary towels that are new-looking and fluffy that will feel nice after a cool shower.