Abstract Essay: Travel Changes You

Inside and Out

There is no denying the fact that something changes inside you while you’re traveling. It’s internal and it is inescapable. When you go to journey through a new country solo, on your own, and without a clue, you leave much of your vulnerable self to anything that may come your way. You face change inside and out and it’s awesome.

Taking Risks That Don’t Make Sense

Change came in waves. An introduction to teaching English. Wham. Shaking the old dribble of my autumn leaves away to a new sprouting green me. Deciding to explore further into Mexico, to visit beaches I’ve always dreamed of experiencing. Didn’t think I’d be so daring. I donate most of my old stationary life to a maid at Dunham Institute. Lighter load. Back pack. Buses. Taxis. A new place.  Zipolite Beach. New experiences. New people. New perspectives.

God is God He Said

Just my luck; a devastation far away in Japan and it affects Zipolite, of all places. I sit with the locals and someone hands me a beer. “Take it easy,” one local said. “God is God, don’t worry.” Nobody thought it’d be coming. Should I listen to them or run away? I rely on the help of strangers. A local gave me refuge on higher ground.  He laid in a hammock and set up a chair for me, surrounded by trash, on the roof of his family’s house. I was a little scared being on my own in this crazy situation. He stayed and watched after me. And the tsunami didn’t come. And it was all okay.

Life is an Adventure

My life is beach, waves, sand, naked people, strangers, beach dogs, dirt, coffee, sunshine, restaurants, pesos spent like nothing, and Internet. I wonder where to go from here. I came to Mexico with a general plan but plans are changing rapidly. I send emails to language schools, teaching positions in Asia and I think about the U.S. My familiar life is so far away. Don’t know how long I’ll stay. Just open doors as steps to this journey and it’s not about traveling anymore, it’s about life and how I want to live it. Every moment is an adventure and life has become my own school.

Challenge Yourself

It is different for everyone.  Travel is an adventure if you’re open to it.  Challenge yourself and a sleeping part of you will greet the dual. Push yourself and potential you never knew will expose itself. Travel into the unknown and rely on luck, life and the dexterity of your character. Strangers will be your guides. Love will keep you strong. Trust becomes your ally. It is you in this universe and you will have to be real. Fibers become authentic. You grow. You develop. I sit here on the beach, writing this, sipping coffee, and I’m not worrying about the future anymore. I’ll be okay.