Tsunami Will Hit Zipolite Beach

Breaking News: Tsunami might hit Zipolite Beach today in a couple hours around noon. I’ve got my things packed. Most people booked out out of here to Pachutla. The restaurants and stores are closed around the streets. I heard the manager at the hotel was leaving but then I found out, he’s staying. “No problemo, aqui,” he said. But maybe he didn’t really know what I was asking him.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-pacific-12715415 >> For what I might be bracing. Oh geez.

Warning in Zipolite Beach

Some travelers are waiting around to hear more news. I don’t know what to do about this. I’m in my room charging up my computer while I’m praying that my brother in Hawaii is okay and that everyone in Japan is recovering with the help of humanitarian aid. This makes me think about the rest of the world. It’s easy losing touch in a place like Zipolite Beach.

I wonder if I should stay or go. If I go, I could explore other places.

My beach clothes hanging in a little cabana

Anyway, as an update, I waited until around 3 PM and went back to Zipolite. Many of the locals think that there won’t be a Tsunami at all. The travelers did the safe thing and headed inland. Meanwhile, I hung out with some locals, drank beer, hung out in a hammock in Puerto Angel and lingered back to the hotel in Zipolite to see what was going on. I know I should be safe and high tail it out of here. But I just don’t think anything’s going to happen either.

I unpack my clothes and hang them in my cabana on the beach. Days are slow and immortal in this place. The weather is perfect here. It’s like a secret paradise that nobody knows about. I’ve never lived so simply and solitary. I do a lot of reading on travel websites and blogs on the meantime. I dream about English teaching in Tibet but I’ve become tragically broke from this small adventure in Mexico. I’m happy to have gotten teaching certified and someday, I’ll be able to explore the rest of the world.

I miss a lot of things in the U.S. I sort of want to go back.

The Next Morning.> No tsunami. The beach is normal and tourists and travelers come back after a bit.