The Abstract Travel Essay: On Inside Transformations

Walking the Road-Less-Walked Upon

I left an old life behind. It lies in heaps, boxed up in storage, tossed away or recycled in my home country. My personal life has been stripped clean. I’m naked in the rising sun of Mexico, that glimmers like a cosmic orange,  and I’m becoming someone else entirely. The sun glares, at me, ferociously, eyeing me up and daring me to be who I want to be, on this road-less walked upon.

Living in the Now

My new life is situated directly in the present. I live only in the now. I keep thinking, I’ve never done this before. I’ve never taken a risk like this–to trust in the universe so completely, to challenge my beliefs in destiny, as the stakes have never been so high.Yet, how is it that I’ve never felt so much like me, so revitalized, and full of this youthful energy that I thought I lost? I’m here, awake in the present. And I’ve never felt so wholesome.

A Girl Becoming a Woman

I’ve been changing my image, these days. Into brighter clothes. Different hair-dos. What was once gray and brown is now patterns, yellow squigglies and a dash of jewelry on occasions. My skin, which was once dry and flaky, is now actually healthy and revealing color. My face is looking tan rather than pale, because I’d worn so much make-up back in Arizona, that the sun never really hit it. And I’m easing into me, the real me, who is sociable and kind, and centered. There’s this strength in me, this courage blooming with every new dawn.

Taking an Unusual Risk in the Right Direction

Because I’ve always been the safe girl. I’m the preserved collected type that always has a plan. I’m a Virgo that is a perfectionist. But my thread of past construction is wearing thin. My paper cards that were plans in my life are just cards, that will fall on their own accord, or from the wind itself. And the compulsion to take the risk that I’ve been waiting for, preserving myself, for the moment I find myself.