Preparations for Mexico

Helpful books to read before traveling to Mexico.

I’m making preparations to travel to Chiapas, Mexico for Feb. 5th. Here’s a sneak peek of a pile of handy books I’m studying right now! Starting from the bottom up -I’m reading about Mexico, the Yucatan Peninsula, Spanish verbs, Spanish phrases and a Spanish English dictionary. I sure wish I had photographic memory.

Here's a collection of "survival items" I'm bringing.

As you can see, a good fourth of my “survival stuff” is medicine and first aid. I’ve heard rumors of mosquitoes the size of a person’s fist so I’m going to prepare for the worst.

Here’s what I’m thinking. The Chex Mix and snacks will be for the plane. Sun screen is always recommended. Hair stuff for when the humidity makes waves in my hair in all the wrong places. Tooth brushes, tooth paste, pads -gotta have those. IB Profin is great for all-around pain, again, just in case.